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The Art of Pricing Art

Learn how to price your art with confidence and ease in this free video series.

Artistic License

You’re working too hard. Selling your art was supposed to be fun, footloose, fancy-free-ee-ee. But instead you feel like there are never enough hours in the day and never, ever, ever enough time to create. You need to rethink your business model: how does the money come in the door? Is there a way to make more money with less effort? You bet your favorite knickers there is. Art licensing.

Building Credibility with an Art Book

Have you ever wished people took you seriously when you tell them you're an artist? Or that they thought your art was worthy of attention? Or that they'd treat you like a success?

This is all about credibility.

And I've got your credibility shortcut right here.

The Artist's Business Plan

Your business plan can be both smart and creative. And I’m going to show you how.

Monthly Artist Planner

A one-page template for quickly outlining priorities for the month and tracking success. If simple works for you, this tool will be a great addition to your workspace to keep you on track.

2021 Planner for Fine Artists

An actual, physical yearly planner made just for artists to help you identify your goals and make them happen through targeted action. This system for breaking down big life & business goals allows for daily tasks to directly impact success on a greater scale. You'll think more strategically, have more focus, achieve your goals faster, and become a happier and more confident business owner and artist.

Back-Pocket Finances for Artists

An email course teaching you how to handle the financial and legal side of an art business.

Business Card Checklist

A simple lesson and checklist going through my recommendations for artist business cards.

The Famous Artist Secret

Get exclusive access to my special report divulging the secret of famous artists and how you can apply it to your business. The Famous Artist Secret helps you take those first, essential steps toward becoming a famous artist. Steal the secrets of the professional artists and claim your own fame!

Voxer Day - Private Consulting

Interested in getting one-on-one support from me to help you grow your art business? This is one amazing day full of text and voice messages to talk over your overall strategy, get you clarity in specific areas, and more!

Business Consulting for Fine Artists

Interested in getting one-on-one support from me to help you grow your art business? It's time for you to have zero questions and total clarity on how to make your dream come true!

Get Organized Audio

Learn how to get your art business organized so you can be more productive and spend more time in the studio!

Artistic, Mindful Branding

A series of thoughtful questions will prompt you to deeply consider what your brand already is and what it could be. You'll focus the myriad competing ideas to unearth something that feels perfect for you, your art, and your target market.

Advanced Website Self-Critique

Advanced Website Self-Critique is a great followup to the Website Self-Critique because it covers in-depth strategies for building a more beautiful, more effective website and becoming more productive in the business-y side of your business practices. I love using this guide as a checklist when you know the basics but still feel like things aren’t running smoothly and you aren’t making as many sales as you should be.

The Selling Successfully on Etsy Handbook

Still using Etsy? While it's not my favorite way of adding ecommerce to your business (mostly because we tend to expect it to market for us, which it can't do effectively), it's a wonderful & well-run platform with a great community.

I'd love to teach you how to use Etsy most effectively for your art business!

Action Packed!

This is a quick, no frills worksheet for getting your newest goal accomplished. This is your roadmap to achieving any idea from a new piece of art to building your email list or hitting 100 sales this year. This guide organizes an idea into actionable steps so you can go itty bitty step by itty bitty step. No more overwhelm!

Take Your Art to the Next Level Video

How to bust creative blocks & work your art the smart way with Laura C George and Michaela Cristallo.

Recordings - Live Website Critiques

If you're not up for a written or video critique of your own website, you can still learn from my reviews of other artists' sites!

Video Website Critique

A quick & dirty website critique from Laura will help you create abundance from your art by showing you the most noticeable deficiencies on your site that are most likely to affect your customers' decisions to purchase.

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