The Art of Pricing Art

Watch this free video series The Art of Pricing Art so you can finally feel confident and sell more art.

These lectures cover:

  • why your pricing instinct is wrong and what to do instead
  • a simple method to pick perfect prices that inspire sales and ensure you make a profit
  • why being new doesn’t mean you have to price lower than your competition
  • the ethical concerns of pricing (so you don’t lose your soul in the process!)
  • how to use your price to tell your customers more about your art
  • 3 pricing fears and how to overcome them (so you don’t feel like a sleaze-ball)

4 Modules


Why it's crucial to get your prices right and how this series will go down, plus the #1 thing that ruins an emerging artist's pricing strategy.

A Few Considerations

Some essential things to consider when pricing your art like formulas and ethics.

Modules for this product 4
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