Building Credibility with an Art Book

Have you ever wished people took you seriously when you tell them you're an artist?

Ever wanted people to think your art is worthy of attention? Or that you were further along in your career so they would treat you like a success?

This is all about credibility.

Usually credibility takes time.

You build it over years and years of showing up and doing a good job. Very slowly, people start to think of you as a success.

But I've got a shortcut!

This trick can take you as little as a couple weeks to go from people thinking you're a novice to believing you're a successful artist with talent and work that would even make a good investment.

What's the trick?

Make a coffee table book.

A book serves many wonderful purposes in your art business: a portfolio, a gift for galleries and other people you'd like to work with, a bonus for customers who've spent a lot of money on your art or who you'd like to reward for their loyalty, a marketing tool to get in front of the friends and family of the people who buy the book, etc.

But the most valuable thing from a business perspective? It gives you oodles of credibility.

Being "published" makes people think you're worthy. And that's the biggest battle when you're an emerging artist - just getting people to think you're worth their time or attention.

In this course, I'll teach you how to publish a coffee table book (it can take you as little as a weekend!) and what to do with it once it's made so you get maximum credibility returns on your hard work!

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