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Most artists I meet are in one of two situations. Either they love their website but they just can’t figure out why no one is buying their art or they are really embarrassed to show people their website but they don’t know what to fix about it.


Either way, you’re a little lost.


You’re constantly tweaking fonts and colors. You’ve re-written your about page countless times and you still hate it. And anytime you read a statistic about website conversions you rush to change up your site. But you’re still not selling enough art.

My video website critique is just for artists. I will identify the biggest problems with your site that are causing people to not buy. You'll be able to see exactly how a potential customer moves through your site and fix any hiccups along the way to a purchase.


Logistics. What will happen here?


You’ll submit your website or online shop for my review.

I’ll review your site in-depth.

I'll film myself moving through your site and point out issues that are blocking sales either directly or indirectly. Typically the video is around 10 minutes long, but may vary depending on how big your site is and how good of a job you've already done with it.

Within a week, you’ll receive the video at the email you login here to the Vault with.

You are also welcome to ask questions about the points in the video for free.

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