Business Consulting for Fine Artists

Let the other artists starve.

There are walls out there that long to bare your soul. And it's time you let them. Art is serious business. You've spent hours finding a style all your own, painted over or threw out at least 20 canvases, and spent those extra moments of free time in a blissed-out state of focused creating. And you finally feel like a master (well, sort of). Maybe it's that creeping uneasiness in your stomach, the one that shows itself when you're talking to a potential customer, that makes you think you're not a pro. You lack confidence, but truly, your art is strong. Now your business needs to be too. And then you can get back to your easel!

I'll arm you with knowledge so you can harness control of your business, charge what you're worth, develop gorgeous branding that customers drool over, and totally rock your marketing strategy. It's everything you didn't learn in art school, for a fraction of the cost.

You'll feel confident, laser-focused, and seriously successful. And you'll get handed money in exchange for your gorgeous pieces of art. All. The. Time.

Stop hesitating. Don't be scared to dream. Just make sure you do something about it.

There are several tracks to my consulting program, depending on your needs. Here are the details:

The Underpainting Track is an intense, one-on-one program where I'll take you through 3 phases to build your art business into the dream you have for it. This Track is perfect if you're just starting out and want to get your art business onto the right foot from the beginning. It's also a good fit if you've been trying to sell your art for a while but you were just winging it and feel a little lost now.

The Varnish Track is a one-on-one program to brush up on the next steps to grow your art business. We'll work on 2-3 focus topics to make a big impact on your success. This Track is perfect if you've got an art business that's going pretty well, but you'd like an expert's eyes to help fill in the gaps and take you to the next level.

The Masterpiece Track is an intense, one-on-one program where we work on advanced topics designed to improve every facet of your art business. This Track is perfect if you're technophobic, need a little hand-holding, or like to take your time, no matter how long you've been trying to sell your art or how consistent your sales are so far.

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"You are awesome!  I really appreciate all of your input, guidance and advice. You’re saving me sooooo much time (vs if I had to figure it all out by myself)." - Sondra

How are we going to accomplish all of this? Easy.

Unleash Intensive

We kick off the whole shebang with a 2-3 hour call. I come into this intensive having studied your current web presence and ready to discuss where you want to head in your business. During your Unleash Intensive, I’ll get to know your personality and preferences so I can create a plan that’s perfect for you & your art. And then we’ll dive straight into your first assignments to put you on the path to sales.

Action Plan & Business Plan

We leave the intensive with a clear plan and a drawn out timeline for finding customers and making more money in your art business. During the first three months together, I’ll also write a Marketing Plan and a Revenue Plan for you to give you a clear picture of how your art business survives (and thrives!).

Live Sessions

Sometimes we need to hash things out live, get you past some blocks, maybe work out exactly how you’ll set up your product photos… Chat with me every other week on the phone or Zoom. In between sessions, you’ll have lots of homework to keep you busy and I’ll check in to make sure you’re consistently on track with our plan.

Unlimited Email Access

I never want you feeling stuck or stagnant in between our live sessions. Fortunately, I aced my middle school typing class. So just email me to get unstuck, fast. Our email communication can help relax you, give you more confidence, and shepherd you through the more difficult tasks with less stress. I'm available for any art-related question. And we also use email to hash out the more complex things like your prices, an important email to a gallery, your website about page, etc.

Website Critique

Your website is the face of your business (well, aside from your sweet & smiley face!) so it needs to be the perfect showcase for your art. I’ll make sure every bit of your site is effective at turning visitors into customers.

Copy Sweep

I run through your text with a fine-toothed comb and help you adjust for grammar, spelling, and consistency. Being that I’m a grammar-obsessed crazy pants, I’m pretty good at being your leading lady of copyediting.
Service provided for homepage, about page, and up to 10 product listings.


Sometimes you think someone is going to be a good fit, and then they’re not. If we work together for a few days and things just aren’t working out, you’ll get a full refund.

"If you haven’t figured out… this is the week when I freak out that I am done with fabulous Laura (aka the best thing that ever happened to my art career!) I do think you have a gift for this work and guiding artists into the light of PR and selling art! (something many of us desperately need! I know I did!)" - Christina

Frequently Asked Questions

Consulting isn’t for everyone and I want to make sure each artist I work with is going to get the most out of our time together. Please apply by filling out this quick application form. You’ll receive confirmation within 3 days and if I know I can help you we will set up a time to talk about which package is right for you (effectiveness for your current level, time commitment, and financial investment).

Have questions? I’d love for us to discuss the future of your life as an artist. If this is what is in your heart, you have to make it happen! You’re worth it. Let’s do this! Use the same form to apply for a free 30 minute chat with me about your business and whether consulting with me is the right fit for you.

"Thank you for all your wonderful help last year, it is paying off this year and I’m very happy in my new career." - Joi

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