2021 Planner for Fine Artists

A yearly planner made just for artists to help you identify your goals and make them happen through targeted action.

You'll think more strategically, have more focus, achieve your goals faster, and become a happier and more confident business owner and artist.

This system for breaking down big life & business goals allows for daily tasks to directly impact success on a greater scale.

Types of Pages:

  • introduction to the method & instructions
  • yearly goal-setting
  • quarterly analysis & planning
  • an extensive process for breaking down goals
  • monthly calendars
  • income tracking
  • in-depth monthly analysis
  • in-depth yearly analysis
  • pre-year analysis & targeting for 2022
  • example pages at the back for both instruction and ideation for art business strategies

What do you get?

An actual, physical, paperback copy of the planner. Because marking it down on paper is proven to make things more real in our minds, meaning we're more likely to follow through and accomplish our goals.

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