Voxer Day - Private Consulting

I'm excited to meet you and help you build an art career that supports you financially as well as it does emotionally. Voxer Consulting can help you develop the right strategy and feel confident in your ability to implement it.

Voxer Day is a where we work together through text/voice messaging (and plenty of gifs - because seratonin) to talk over everything giving you the most trouble in your art business. Our goal is to take a big leap forward so you feel completely different about your art biz the next day. Whether you're stuck on marketing, selling, pricing, your website, your business model, your target market...... anything!! We're going to get you to the other side in one day.

While Voxer Day is brand new, my past one-on-one consulting clients have achieved incredible things like getting licensed with Anthropologie, selling out collections, designing public art for a popular location in a major city, and growing an Instagram account of 320k followers and counting.

"Working with you was transformational for me. Before beginning our work together I felt like I was flailing. I would go month to month feeling like my sales were about hope. You gave me the tools to understand how to build and maintain a business. I now feel like I am in charge and I know what to do. I made 30% more in income than the goal we set together in the year following the coaching. I continue to grow my business and I have yet to employ every strategy you've offered because I've had so many projects on that there hasn't been the time. Now whenever people ask me for advice, I point them to you. Thank you so much Laura :)" - Ellen Von Wiegand

"I want you to know I appreciate you, I honestly hang on your every word! I've been learning a ton through our phone calls and it's shifting my mindset to a much larger viewpoint, you are amazing! Thank you!  …. Thank you so much for your patience and graciousness in guiding me as I learn. You are such an invaluable asset to me as an artist." - Julia

"HEAVENS YOU KNOW YOUR STUFF!! ALL your advice/guidance is pure gold and absolutely amazing!" - Victoria

Take a big leap forward on making your art dreams a reality. Purchase your Voxer Day and I'll be in touch in a day or two to get you on the calendar!


Voxer Day is from 11am - 8pm EST (New York time), which is 9 hours. If this timing isn't great for you, we may be able to work something out. Reach out to me via email. You DO NOT need to be available during that entire time frame, nor will I be. Voxer is like text messaging (but also with voice messages). We will both be checking in frequently during those hours, but you are not expected to be constantly working for 9 hours straight. I will be checking in with you if I don't hear from you for more than an hour though - because we only have one day and I want you to make the most of it!


During a Voxer Day, we can cover anything relating to your art business that you are interested in working on. Voxer Days are perfect for strategizing, refining, & mindset work. An example of strategizing would be determining what marketing activities will work best for your art & target market and how to go about implementing them. An example of refining would be talking over your current pricing method and tweaking it to be totally perfect for you. Examples of mindset would be discussing how to get over your fear of being seen on the internet, talking about why your art is worth raising your prices, or discussing if you're ready to approach Anthropologie even though you've just started your art business.


Voxer Days aren't great for writing & legal work. An example of writing would be completely overhauling your website's about page (though we could look over and talk about the sorts of things to change, a Voxer Day wouldn't work for us to carefully go through sentence by sentence and construct it). Examples of legal work would be reviewing a licensing contract or determining the steps for you to register your business in your country/state. For writing & legal work, or other things of that nature, my full consulting program is the best fit. (Not sure about something else, email me and I'll let you know if it's a good fit for a Voxer Day.)


Voxer is a phone app (there's a desktop version too) that allows us to text and voice message each other. You can also send pictures and gifs. I typically send a lot of voice messages so you can hear me talk through your particular situation and fully understand why/how I'm coming to the solutions and advice that I give you. My clients consistently tell me that's the absolute BEST way for them to learn how to not need a coach because they start developing the ability to work through things themselves, just by watching me do it. Anyone can download Voxer and I will help you get it up and running before our Voxer Day so you are ready to go right away!


There is space for your Voxer Day to happen this month! I can take 2 more people for October Voxer Days.


I love working with passionate, creative, kick-ass artists! You're feeling stuck, perhaps in a job you hate. You do this art thing on the side and you just don't know how so many artists are making bank on Instagram, Etsy, Saatchi.... You feel like you're missing something. Or maybe you are full time with your art, but you're making practically no money. You feel frustrated and lost. But you're ready to make changes, to do the real work, to finally join the ranks of the successful artists. That's how you know you're a perfect fit!

But if you're still not sure, don't be afraid to email me and we can talk it through and decide if a Voxer Day is the right fit for you.


I'm Laura C George, an artist (primarily a printmaker using intaglio and relief techniques on copper, vinyl record albums, and plexiglass), a new mom, and a teacher. For the past 10 years, I've been helping other artists to sell their work after realizing that my own art career made me feel pressured and stressed. Helping artists who don't feel that way to make their dreams come true is the most exciting and fulfilling thing I've ever done. My superpowers are planning & strategizing, pep talks, and breaking down concepts into bite-sized chunks of learning. I'm a dog-lover, an introvert, and a dancer (primarily ballet). I love wordplay, sleeping late, and binge-watching. Current obsessions: toddlers mispronouncing words, fantasy novels, and the smell of the orange Dawn dish soap.

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